Embarassing Moments for Aging Men

As we grow older, we start to lose control over some of the things that make us independent people. Though this process can be emasculating and often downright sad, it’s important to maintain a good sense of humor, lest we become one of those grouchy, irritable old men witting on their porch and yelling at the neighborhood kids to get off the lawn.
  • Your hearing isn’t quite what it used to be, so it’s easy to misunderstand when someone asks a question.
John, Ed and Tom are sitting on the front porch in their rocking chairs.
John says, “Windy, isn’t it?”
Ed replies, “No, I’m thinking it’s Thursday.”
Tom excitedly chimes in, “I’m thirsty too. Y’all want a beer?”
With hearing problems that may come with aging, it’s also easy to misjudge your personal volume and say things a bit louder than you intended. But hey – that’s a luxury of age: you get to say whatever you want, and you don’t really care what those young whipper-snappers have to say about it.
  • One of the most-feared scenarios for the elderly is taking a nasty fall on the slippery floor of your shower. Eventually, there may come a time, through injury or illness, that you are unable to bathe yourself. You may not have had the experience, but being sponged down by your family member, or worse, a complete stranger, is a little humiliating. It will probably be uncomfortable for you, but just imagine how uncomfortable it is for the person bathing you! You can keep the mood light and fresh by being a little goofy. You can sing, develop an enthusiastic routine like a toddler, and even bring a rubber ducky along for a swim.
  • You’re standing in line at the grocery store, and you realize that you have to pee. Now. No time to make it to the restroom at the back of the store, so you have to stand there, humiliated, as the wet spot grows down the leg of your pants. Male incontinence is a pretty widespread problem, but with healthcare developments like external catheters and incontinence briefs, there’s a lot you can do to conceal the problem. This, along with just about every frustrating situation, can be turned around to keep from ruining your day. Use your leaks and incontinence products as a way to identify with your grandchildren on a humorous level.

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