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Assisted Living : Focus on Safety for Elders

  It is very difficult to convince the elderly loved ones of the home to move from the comfort they've known for years into an   assisted living   situation. It is always better to start the conversation sooner than later, while your loved ones are still in good health. It is very important that they get used to the idea beforehand so that it becomes easier when the time comes. But what if you haven't discussed it nor made plans for a transition? If it is time for your loved ones to alter their living situation--here are some things you should do. Elder’s safety is the most important thing and we need to keep that in mind. If you know that they cannot remain in their own home safely, don't let your emotions override what you know needs to be done. It is always better to step in at the right time instead of waiting for a broken hip, a car accident, a medicine over dose or a crisis call. Recognize that when you were a child, your parents would have done everything possible to

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