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Independent Living Facilities

Independent living is designed for people, usually 55 and older, who are able-bodied, active and healthy, but who are interested in giving up some of the demands of daily living, such as home care, household chores, grocery shopping and meal preparation. Typically an independent living resident needs no personal assistance with such daily activities as bathing, dressing, ambulating (walking or getting around), and medication. If you or your aging loved one needs help with these sorts of tasks, you may be more interested in an assisted living facility. As a concept, independent living centers provide a transition from living alone at home to being part of a senior care community, where they have access to a comfortable continuum of care as they age, and as their needs change.

Types of Independent Living FacilitiesIndependent living facilities vary in style, accommodations, services and amenities. If you’re considering an independent living center, you’ll want to scout around a little bi…

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