Roasted Zucchini Tomato and Potatoes

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This is the perfect recipe to use up all those summer vegetables you have so much of. With fresh zucchini, tomatoes, and potatoes, vegetable tians look as good as they taste. This easy zucchini recipe is sprinkled with herbs and then roasted until just tender, with a bit of cheese added and then a little more roasting until everything is perfectly browned and slightly caramelized. There is nothing quite like a vegetable tian to showcase summer vegetables. This is a versatile side dish that can be served with most any meal. You might serve it with roast beef, chicken, pork chops, and other dishes. Vegetable Tians are so lovely to look at, and they make a nice addition to any table. And the good news is that this side dish recipe is easier to make than you might think. It's all about layering the alternating slices of colorful vegetables around the dish and fitting them in as best you can. The beauty of the vegetable tian is really in just how simple it is. You aren’t standing over a hot stove sauteing anything more than the onions. Once everything is in the dish, you cover it and bake. The ingredients you will need for this easy zucchini recipe include yellow onion, garlic, russet potatoes, summer squash, Italian zucchini, Roma tomatoes, herbs and spices and some freshly grated Pecorino Romano cheese or Parmesan cheese.

There are plenty of recipe ideas to use up all of our zucchini, with this vegetable tian being just one of the tasty and easy zucchini recipes you can try. And you don't have to worry about eating too much zucchini because one zucchini has just 25 calories, compared to a baked potato, which has 130 calories. The flower of the zucchini plant is also edible, and another easy zucchini recipe to try. The world’s largest zucchini on record was a zucchini that was 69.5 inches long, and weighing 65 pounds. Bernard Lavery of Plymouth Devon, United Kingdom grew the large vegetable. And according to World’s Healthiest Foods Nutrition information, the nutrients and vitamins that are found in zucchini may help to prevent both cancer and heart disease. There is a soap bar called Fresh Zucchini Flower Big Bar Goat’s Milk Soap which is actually made from real zucchini. One zucchini has more potassium than one banana. And when it comes to size, the biggest zucchini is not the best, as the most flavorful zucchinis are small to medium in size.

A tian is a shallow French earthenware baking dish and also the name of the roasted vegetable dish that is often made in it and then baked in an oven. The recipe is native to Provence and can be designed in beautifully arranged layers to provide a lovely appearance as well as flavor. The traditional tian earthenware dish is shaped like a shallow truncated cone, being wide at the top and narrow towards the bottom. The dish is made from earthenware and may be colorfully glazed on the inside and unglazed on the outside. A tian is used as a baking dish to be placed in the oven. It is not as deep as a casserole and differs from a casserole in its conical shape. This recipe gets its name from the large, round, earthenware cooking pot that is used in Provence, France, but the recipe may be cooked in any available baking dish.

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